Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bon Voyage!

The Staff at Gifts define will be back in full swing to assist you on November 5th! Meanwhile, we will try to have a little R&R during our overseas trip to Indonesia (starts on October 20th -November 4th) -- we'll indulge ourselves with some local delicacies ...and in between, we'll meet some new friends to check out our handmade goodness! (who knows, we could get some good deals there!)
Our online shop would still be open 24/7, you could order at anytime and we will ship your goodies as soon as we get back! -- oh, feel free to email us with any inquiries/wholesale info you might have as we'll be checking our email everyday! (yea...we can't live without our daily dose of emails, we bring our laptop where ever we travel!)

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