Saturday, October 13, 2007

Travel preparation

Not the best time of years to travel overseas for 2 weeks -- take off from work, the shop & new projects while I am away.....but there's nothing I can do. My brother's wedding in Indonesia is on October 26th and I need to be there! For this purpose, me and hubby, decided to take two weeks off from our job routines -- and have a mini vacation to my home country, Indonesia. The travel time -- well it's only around 26 hours total. Did I hear some gasps?? yeah....I believe some of you would complain of flying for more than 2-3 hours, let alone spending more than a day to fly!! Other thing that makes me upset -- I can't bring my sewing or craft project with me on the plane as they won't let me carry needles or scissors. Darn! If not, I could make tons of dolls, finish some orders or create a new plush design in 26 hours. I really not looking forward to that flight. I am not sure what I am gonna do during the 26 hours. I'm thinking to bring the manual of my new professional camera, so I could learn how to use it better, bring my Tetris game, my IPOD, my sketching book, my laptop, face mist and some of my favorite snacks. It's a good thing that I won't be flying solo -- my hubby is coming with moi! He's so excited to learn some native language (to impress my parents). I'll teach him few basic words and making fun of him at the same time *lol* his Indonesian accent is so funny ... (I am so evil)

Check out my itenerary:
  • We will fly from Ft. Myers on Oct 20th to Atlanta then we continue our flight to Los Angels...k? two changing planes so far.....still following me? ok next..
  • After wait at the L.A. airport for another 6-7 hours, we'll catch our international long-ass (excuse my language) flight to Hong Kong (yeap, no direct flight to Indonesia) so we have to be very patient here..
  • ok for the next 16 hours, we'll have fun on Cathay Pacific Airways...have some "plane food" hopefully not "plain food" tho....enjoy dinner, breakfast and lunch on the air! yay (?)
  • allright, then arrives in Hong Kong, we'll wait for another 4-5 hours in Hong Kong Airport to get to our next flight to Jakarta, Indonesia
  • ..k? still with me....(four planes in total) - -- 5 hours flight from Hong Kong to Jakarta and ya know what.... itll be already Monday, Oct 22 by the time we arrive in Indonesia (yea, we lose one day on the air, so no Sunday for us) -- considering the time difference between U.S. and Asia time zone, U.S time zone is 12 hours behind.
so you could imagine, how tired we feel by the time we get to our destination!!!!
Jetlag would involve 2-3 days... Wish me luck in preparing our luggages -- we have tons of things to bring and now, those things to bring are scatterred around the house, piling up on the table, ohhh...

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