Friday, May 18, 2007

Girl friends' hang out

Fun pictures from my Orlando trip with Claire my BFF...I forgot my camera, so not many pics we took but these ones. We ate at one of, so called, one of the most talked about sushi restos in Orlando, Sushiology. The food is good but too bad we didn't get any vacant table to sit..o man! We didn't realize that this restaurant is not really a sushi's kind of a to go pick up place for sushi! So we gotta eat the sushi standin' up ho ho....but we were so hungry at the time so what the heck..let's dig in. 20 minutes later, we got one table that have made us ordered more sushi and in between we took these pics. Lovely time....we started the trip to Orlando at 10 am (it's approx. 1 hour away from Tampa where we live) and we managed to get back home by midnight...watta day! Do a 'lil bit of shoppin', drivin', eatin', talkin'....a nice break for both us!

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