Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's the most rewarding time for all of you fellow students (either you're in high school, college, academy, or post-grad) ....GRADUATION is the most perfect moment to celebrate our academic accomplishments; for being able to get straight As (or Bs or Cs as long as we pass *wink*), cum laude or GPA of 3 point somethin somethin...those are some of the things that we could be proud of! Gosh, I just enjoyed that big day of mine, where the hard-earned college diploma is finally in your grasp! Happy Graduation to All....well, now it's time to get that "piece of paper" to good use...(get your a-- in gear and look for a decent job, will ya?!? ha ha)
And remember you guys, GRADUATION is one of the most important events in your life.
Cherish it, appreciate it, share it for the good of others, and keep it memorable for the rest of your life....wanna know one easy way to do it? Get one of our Gifts define's Graduation Keepsake Mini Doll, it's only 20 bucks (!) but it lasts a life time!! Oh the best part is, you could PERSONALIZE it with your own name/school/graduation dates and the wooden pedestal is free with hand-calligraphed name of yours...kewl! Ask your mom, dad, sis, your friend, or crack that piggy bank and get one! This little wonder would remind you of how PROUD you are to accomplish what you've been working hard for!
Here are some of the Graduation Keepsake/Collectible Mini Dolls I've created for all those happy proud Graduates! Also, memorable photo of Henry's graduation in 2005 with his buddies, you've earned your MBA in IT Management with flying colors....way to go Bro! And my grad pictures with my good friends during our Graduation dinner in 2004 (oh, so long time ago Class of 2002).

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