Thursday, February 7, 2008

More NEWness: NEW Logo, NEW Buttons

I asked my multi-talented girlfriend, Lisa Bacon of Izabe Graphic Design and Girl Indie to create the new Gifts Define logo! Despite all the things I've asked of her, Lisa always comes out with wonderful ideas and super creativity...and see what I got... a chic, cute, lovable looking logo which I adore! I love the font she chose for Gifts Define so much (Jewels font from I've used as the signature font for all my promo items/website design need. It's just so "us"... adorable!
Oh, I just got all my square buttons of the original sketch of the Fun Animals dolls. I have 26 pet-sketch buttons to be paired with each doll as collector's items Pocket Pet which I hope to have in the store sometimes in late February (crossing my finger with the scheduling). Now, I'm in the process of designing the bag and Fun Animal mini card to go along with the collector's items. SO, there're still lot of things to do but so far I am so excited to see how good-looking the buttons turned out! More on good stuff later, now back to work!

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