Sunday, February 3, 2008

Word of the day: "NEW"

Yay, finally we have our NEW website look on today. I am not completely done with it yet, but for the most parts -- they're all in place. I have very limited knowledge on HTML & web design so basically I learn as I do it with some help from my former web designer -- so I am pretty happy how it turns out. Check 'em out!

I am also very excited to introduce our new design wool plushie "Conversation Birds"....a little bird charm adorned with boutique ribbon printed with messages such as Happy Birthday, I Love You, Celebrate, Baby Girl or Baby Boy for a sweet shower favors, Two Peas in a Pod for twin babies, Yay! I'm pregnant... for pregnancy keepsake (which is a hit) and many more check them here.
Maybe you have a little secret...perhaps it’s time to spill the beans about your feelings for someone special?Our Conversation Birds are a whimsical and magical way to get your sentiment across to someone special. Our custom printed ribbon offers sentiments like: Baby (in pink or blue), Happy Birthday, I Love You, I'm Pregnant and more! These little treasures make perfect gift toppers, room d├ęcor, or charms to hang in a favorite spot!

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