Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh April...

Gosh, it's already the 15th of April ...I just realized I haven't got a chance to update my blog, it's been awhile....and within those time, lots of thing have been goin on here...
My work at the Club is never been so busy with the upcoming double issue of magazine, gosh, deadline deadline guys!

Oh I've got a pretty good order for my cute stuffed animals, cupcake hairclips and my new line of chic pocket case. So I've been busy with them and my goal is to complete them this week. Photo enclosed to see how much progress I've done with them. All of the items turned out so gorgeous and cute cute cute.
News of the month, I go back to school...yeap...enrolled for web design class. I'm excited to learn more into web designing and perhaps the interest in this particular field is so so massive that I really hope I could have in-depth knowledge and be good at it. This way I could update and re-design my own website. Wouldn't it be cool!!!??!?!?

It's pretty chili this Sunday morning in Tampa, Jeff asked me to look outside our house...and there we saw this family of Sand Hill Crane birds...gorgeous elegant birds, with the mommy, daddy and two little ones ...I took couple of photos of them, what beautiful creatures.

That's it for now, I have some packaging to do. Next week will be a buuuuuuuussssy one for me...(take a deep breath)...wish me luck.

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