Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lovely May...

Ah, May is here....lovely month of the year 'cos my 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up soon on the 14th and Jeff's birthday is also on the 3rd of May ...May brings such a wonderful feeling to me...Two years ago on my wedding day, my parents were here with me on May visiting me from Indonesia, so then May has always become a memorable month.
Not much to write, I wanna take the day easy today, I don't want to work much on my dolls or on school work. I'll just hang out and drive to my favorite oriental market; shop some groceries such as Indonesian instant noodles, veggies, herbs and I want to buy some durian Monthong...ummmhh...I miss the taste of that creamy tasty aromatic fruit!

O yeah, I was at the Show of Hands on Sunday april 29th; I post the photo of me and my handmade goodness :) A friend I met there, Kirsten of Basketry, took the picture. I think this is the first time I ever have a picture with my dolls at the show ...and of course I post the photo of our beautiful wedding two years ago ...May 14th, 2005....the magical day of ours.

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