Monday, February 19, 2007

Spring at Gifts define ... color splash!

Spring is drawing near....gosh the weather is still chilly though here in FLORIDA! Anyway, I've been busy making new stuff for my upcoming Artist Bazaar next month. I am adding Gifts define's new stationery line....of course they're all handmade, there are colorful pencil case, pencil pets (a pencil topped with my cute fun animals ) -- perhaps next would be book sleeve, coin purse...well that's next -- I'm not there thing at a time as I work on my own.
I just have lots of things going on in my head, but I can't manage the time I sit down and try to draw what I've been thinking of, I completely clueless of how to begin...I know I know, I should've write/sketch them down when I got the inspiration....O well, I'll figure it out. I attached the banner I sent Jen at Indie Fixx for my Spring Gift Guide. Oh, see my new Baby Bunny INdollGENCES (yea for Easter); each bunny comes with a carrot-shaped mesh bag, a-do-ra-ble! I've also created two of my new pencil cases with cute bunnies...well, this pencil case is versatile as I can use it as eyeglasses case, business cards case, money/credit card case, cell phone name it! :)

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