Monday, February 12, 2007

What a busy week...

Last week was a busy one for me, have no chance at all to write! So since 8 days ago, lots of stuff happened....last Tuesday I went out with Claire (my bestest gf) we ate at a wonderful Chinese restaurant (she always knows good place to eat!) we got ourselves a sizzling pork plate with veggies, hot pot shrimp ball and wild mushroom, and jelly fish mmh so good ( I just knew jelly fish salad is delicious...similar to seaweed salad taste). Then we spent our afternoon making tiramisu much fun, what a nice day to hang out with my fave gf!

Aside from hang out with gf is all about business stuff, I met with my CPA to arrange my 1st year doing tax report for Gifts define, then my friends asked me to come over on the weekend to show my doll collection to some group of friends and updated my website (after such a long process) with new items and my first participation with the "Happily Handmade Giveaway"! To sponsor the event, I sent out some of my darling dolls and scarf hairbands to be included in the giveaway basket. HHG is such a good way to build traffic and get to see wonderful shops and goodies from other talented indie artists. I'm glad to be part of this fun giveaway festivity!

Jeff has been working all weekend last week....poor guy, he has to work on Saturday and Sunday installing some new equipment at some hospitals. Hopefully this week we can get to hang out together because last week was definitely a long dreadful week, both of us are too busy keeping up with our own business. OK then, I gotta off to bed...I'm so tired, it's been a long day for me today, busy in the office today and my brain is too numb now to even think of creating a new doll design *sigh*.... my brain needs to be shut down, so till tomorrow!

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