Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome 2007!

2007 is finally here! Well, I'm not into any New Year's resolution, as (really) I'm not the kind of girl who can commit to the resolution list-- so heck, I just keep in my head -- to do things smarter, think wiser, and be more will point me to a better living. It's new year so it means I'm done with my holiday's rejuvenation & relaxation session -- off to work again. Got so much things to do at the Club (deadlines to catch up with the magazines), updating my online shop. creating new product ideas and completing my traffic school exam ... I've been procastinating all of the above.

I did, however, complete a special order I got from a customer I met at the craft show I attended last month. She asked me to make her a cute little black bear and a miniature doll of a nun with a pink uniform (to resemble the profile in -- I think I did it pretty good). It's so much fun to do this special order. I also added the bear and racoon as the newest members of Fun Animals gang.

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