Sunday, December 31, 2006

Chistmas is officially over

We took down the Christmas tree this until next year! I know some people would keep their tree up at least until the new year and I heard over the radio last week, one girl keeps her tree up until Valentine's day (wow!). Well, we built our tree right after Thanksgiving so I think we have enough of it. Also, since we both are not occupied yet with other chores, so we think we'd better cleaning up and store the tree in the attic NOW (while we have the time). However, we still keep the holiday lights infront of the house till the new year ... hubby, Jeff who is so multi-talented (lucky wife I am) built those gorgeous lights which has become an attraction to our neighbours and friends. Our house is practically the best-dressed and the brightest house in the hood for the holiday!

Tonight we'll go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse; a pretty fancy place to eat Jeff wants to indulge my taste bud for a nice dinner for the New Year's'd be so gooooddd! After that, we'll watch some DVDs at home and wait till the new year rings in. Happy New Year to all of you...hope 2007 will bring us happiness, prosperity and all that jazzzzzz...

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