Saturday, June 14, 2008

Introducing "TOPi" Adorable Berets for kids!

Another childhood favorite of mine! I love to wear beret when I was a little kid (similar age to the kids in the photo 4-8 years old). It's a classic, stylish and it's cool! I decided to bring the memory back -of course- with a twist. Since I love cute adorable pets, I embellished each beret with my 3 favorite storybook characters -- elephant, tiger and piggy. Neatly hand-sewn to the wool beret. WISH I could go back to my early years, wearing whimsical and adorable beret like these (it would no longer appropriate for a-30 something girl like moi wearing a piggy beret to the park, would it?) That's ok, my cousins and my friends' kids, your children could wear them. It makes me as happy to see those happy faces (the children's and the pig's and the tiger's and the elephant's) running around the park.

The name "TOPI" [read: toe-pee] derives from my native Indonesian language. If you can't find the right catchy word in English, you might as well use your own language, right?!! *lol* TOPI means hat, shade, beret, something that covers your head; meanwhile "TOP" in English means up -- your head is on the top *err yeah* TOPI would be beret to cover your head -- that works!

Available now at the shop in 3 adorable design: Elefaum the Elephant in Vanilla Beret, Tiffa the Tiger in Black Beret and Paisley the Piggy in Soft Pink Beret. 100% wool beret - warm and versatile with 10" diameter. Size: Child, fits ages 3 to 8 years old, stretch to fit.

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