Saturday, January 12, 2008

We love our new square buttons ^__^

These are just the first batch -- of many more to come -- of our 1.5" square buttons featuring my original sketch of the pet character before it transformed to be a pet doll. As seen on above pic are: my original sketch of Happy Hedgehog doll and the cute mushroom of the Mushroom Pocket Cases.
So far I have 26 sketches of my little animals to be transferred to these square buttons to go with every Pocket Pet dolls you collect. "Fun Animal mini-card" is also another novelty I want to add to each Pocket Pet doll -- a fun way to get acquainted with your newfound pet pal so to speak! The set of pocket pet, sketch button and Fun Animal mini card will be arranged for collectors' items made in limited number.
More updates/photos coming soon showcasing all of my original sketches featuring all of the Zoo Members. I've never really show my original sketches -- quirky/imperfect drawing of mine -- to anyone before (let alone showing them off on buttons *gasp*). So I am a bit anxious actually with this new project. Though, on the other hand I feel by having each handmade doll comes with its original sketch (that has shaped each doll's personality) would make it even more meaningful to whomever collects our pocket pet pal.

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