Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Design - Removable PetPencils

To fulfil the request from our dearest customers, we finally come up with this new Removable PetPencils design. We used to create these PetPencils as a permanent pencil topper; where you will be able to use the pet doll as a hanging charm when the pencil is done. But now, with the removable design, this PetPencil toppers will be easily paired with a brand new pencil/pen. PetPencil topper will fit any regular size pencil or pen.
At the shop, we're still offering both options, Permanent or Removable PetPencils. Generally, the permanent pencil topper would be suitable for smaller children as we won't have to worry of having the pet doll off from the pencil. The choice is yours -- for sure, this PetPencil will be a fun way to encourage your eager little ones to jot down their first ABCs and's amusing for adults too! PetPencils Fun Pencil Topper is available in 16 adorable Pet Design!
Visit the shop to pick your favorite!

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