Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye '07!

I'll miss ya 2007...but I am looking more into what 2008 could offer...and so excited for the new year! Got lot of things planned for the '08 that makes me overwhelmed sometimes. I am not a person who likes to jot things down when that ideas pop up but I think I better do that now so I won't miss a thing. Part of my new year's resolution in summary:
1. Office: be more organized & make my office a better place to 'live' in
2. GD Shop: come up with more goodness, cuteness, creative handmade wonders and improve the e-shop branding & look
3. Health: eat less junk food and back to my health routine at least 2-3 times exercise per week
4. Personal time: Make more quality time for me to spend -- work hard but not forgetting to play a little too. Yin & Yang, balance act....I need to get this worked out somehow.

As of for tonight -- the last day of the year, hubby & I will indulge our taste buds at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion restaurant to celebrate then stay home and watch DVD till midnight (kind of our ritual every New Year's Eve)...Happy New Year, best wishes for 2008....

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