Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Year...Another Birthday...

I used to be so excited when it comes to birthday (cakes, good food, party, friends, lotsa gifts)...especially when waiting to be Sweet 17...*reminisced* but not that much fond of b-day nowadays *grin* I guess when your "number" is getting higher -- you are not ha ha. Anyway, today is my birthday and I will take this very day as a day to introspect and a day to give myself a pat on the back for all the things I've accomplished this year. Often times that I forgot to give myself credit and unintentionally magnify on the missess, the errors and all things I haven't or shouldn't have done...and I know it's not good if I constantly focus on the negatives. So today *fix my hair & my shirt* ....I wanna be good to myself! Well, my mom-in-law celebrated my birthday early on the day (last Sunday exactly) when we visited her for Christmas. She lives in other city so she & I really could not have celebrated my b-day today. While we're there, she got me birthday dinner, cake, gifts and all -- uh-hu, 4 days earlier.
But for my real b-day today, my husband and I will go for a nice sushi dinner...Until my next b-day, I'll be good ^__^

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