Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome July...

So many things I have in store for July -- more custom orders to complete, my corporate computer training classes to attend, my Green Card application to file (I have my temporary Green Card which I have to extend to obtain my permanent residency), my fitness exercise 3x a week to commit, and to my home-country (to Indonesia) to plan..... yipppiee!!...a lot of exciting things to fulfill this month.

Well, I went to see my personal trainer last week and she asked me to be seriously committed this time to at least do my fitness exercise twice a week. I've gained 8 pounds for these past months and I am not comfortable with my weight. Well, it's not only about the numbers, but more about my overall well-being. I have to be fit to be able to work productively everyday. Stop the habit of sleeping late, eating irregularly, no exercise ~ before I get myself into deeper trouble.

My travel plan to Indonesia is to attend my brother's wedding in October. Therefore, I am looking forward to complete my Green Card application so I can travel out of the country without any hassel. I am so excited to go back home. It's been awhile since the last time I was home (3 years ago). I miss my family, my girlfriends and good Indonesian food (spiceeey). Until then, I am going back to finish my little animal friends....I just completed these sweet adorable racoons, bunnies and tigers....see how much I've accomplished from the photo I posted the last time. Now it's time for packaging...(I love this fun part!)

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