Monday, June 25, 2007

Passion vs Job vs School

I have to make these 30 little fun animals for a special order I got a week ago and I only just started a little bit on the project (shame on me) you see from the photo, all I have now just kind of 'scrap' of shape of cute rabbit, or tiger or funny racoon yet! I haven't been doing as much as I want with my shop lately. I've been so so occupied with my office job creating & maintaining monthly magazine (printed/online) at the club since the beginning of the month. I finally completed the project just last week...fhewww!

On top of that, 3 mos ago I've decided to go back to school to learn more about web designing. I know NOTHING at all about web design or HTML until I have my own online shop. Asking a professional web designer to update your website is way too much for me to afford these days. Thus I decided to learn how to and do it myself. I chose an online training which I found pretty helpful & flexible to fit my tight schedule. Most difficult thing to do? Spend more time to catch up with the textbook & labs....look at those books I have to read! It's even harder when the time comes for me to take the official site designer exam. However, I took that exam today and I passed the test! I've been studying so hard on this for the whole week and it's paid off. The test was so so difficult, it was actually the second time I took the exam since I failed the first round. I feel better now that at least I can check one thing off from my "TO-COMPLETE" list.

Allrighty, I need a little break now, from studying, from work, from the computer....I'd take some moment to sit infront of the TV, watch some good movie and perhaps work a little bit on my dolls. I have to finish these little critters order soon! It's just not easy to balance your time and energy to do things which you really enjoy doing versus things that you are obligated to do...but the most important thing is...............I am happy!!!

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