Monday, January 8, 2007

Bumble bee baby

A friend I met online asked me to create a Sweet baby mini doll with a bumblebee costume for her and her diaper cakes business. It kept me thinking for awhile, how to's??? I then started to design the costume and how I would attach that mini costume to the doll without making the mini doll looks too chubby. it's all hand-stitched so I gotta really carfeul sewing it on. I also surfed the internet for a bit too get an idea of how a bumblebee looks like, its color, wings, any details I could get...because I never see in detail how a bumblebee will look like.

This is the doll that I come up with...and she's (gasp) happy with it! I'm so excited with this design too that I will add this new line to my sweet baby edition.

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