Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sneak peak on our new website look...

We just want to brag about this exciting project: redesigning our website! But the reality is our new website is far from being done! Lots of work...and more to dos still...though we are so relieved to have gone this far with the project (among other things that's goin' on in our world right now). First phase is tackled...the front page design. It will be featuring our drawings of Gifts Define mascots...a girl with pink hood with her little pet friends as well as the costumed-boy with his little friends. We're hoping that we can complete this project by early August so that we can celebrate it along with Gifts Define's 3rd birthday (cross our fingers). Ok, we better stop day dreaming and back to reality...lots of other projects we need to wrap up. Chao!

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