Monday, March 16, 2009

Our little trip to Asia...

We'll be visiting our studio & staff overseas in Indonesia from Mar 17th - Apr 9th. We're still accepting & working on orders during this time as usual, though orders received within this period will be mailed when get back in the U.S.

We're excited about our journey, where we will be meeting our friends and the ever so supportive artsy local women artisans, do some creative training, as well as possibly foresee some wonderful market opportunities. Wish us luck! :) What we don't look forward too much is the almost 40-hr flight + layover trip we have to take. We'll be flying from Tampa, Florida to Los Angeles, California (with a stop over in Chicago, Illinois), then we'll continue our flight to Hong Kong where we'll be changing plane to get to Jakarta, Indonesia. But, all will be so worthwhile....Too bad we can't bring our sewing tools with us, otherwise we can make tons of dolls during the 30-hr time we're 'on the air'! Anyways, we do have our iPods ready filled with lotsa groovy tunes to keep us alive and some good PhotoShop books ha ha....(can you tell how geeky we are!)

Feel free to email us at as we check our email daily while we're abroad. Thanks for your patience & support!

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