Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ola September!

Yay yay feels like I am entering the gate into holiday season park pass! :) Well, months ahead would be big ones for me...especially in October; I finally can return home! You see, I just got my permanent resident card extended -- so that I could travel overseas. For not owning an American citizenship (thus the immigration calls me an "Alien" resident, duh) -- I need permits and all to travel abroad. I'll be returning to my homeland in Bogor, Indonesia to attend my bro's wedding in October 26th (their photo above on a red scooter, bride & groom to be: Henry & Rita..cute couple!). Can't wait to be home, seeing my family, sleeping in my own bedroom, eating mom's homemade dishes, going to my fav local restaurants, seeing my BFFs and all gf just told me lots of new fancy malls to visit in town too ha ha! It was in 2004 the last time I visited this upcoming journey is definitely worth the wait! Coming back home for a perfect reason & time ... my brother's biggest day in his life! can't imagine my little bro will soon get married. I am so proud of him for being what he is right now in life...wish him an everlasting success and happiness...ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am getting mushy, let's talk real thing now.

I just completed another customized Name Bannerama for Mia...little birdies with the colors that match her cute bedroom. Also, I am in the process of creating a cute customized logo doll for Randoons Boutique -- a little cute long haired Fairy Angel with big lovely wings and polka adorable!

Other update, I have a new fancy sophisticated camera which I truly in LOVE with!!!!! My hubby's gift to me for our wedding anniversary last week. It's Olympus EVOLT E-510 -- this professional camera is so great with its awesome features that will ensure you to capture great shots with it...and it's true, I got great shots of my dolls with it! But man....need time to study the drill to achieve real masterpieces though. I thought I'd read the manual thoroughly on my flight to Indonesia....go figure it'll take 25-28 hours for me to get there....yeap!

Anyway, details on the trip would be on my next blurb...let me post some pics related to the above bla bla bla :))

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