Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hello February!

January is over....lots of accomplishments. I complelte two major important magazines at the club for the sport and the event news (which was so stressfull to keep up with the timelines) but I completed the mission as planned. They were out to members before the month ends.

I also made some new doll collections -- Hipo, Racoons, Horsey fun animals, Tutti Fruti hairclips (photos was posted in Jan), and the most recent ones are The Cheery Trees, Hug-a-Tree and Bannerama (the names are not final yet). But I haven't gotten the chance to post them in my webstore yet (shame on me)...I feel so useless when I want to accomplish something but I keep procastinating it...So I will bring the new collection the craft fair I will have this evening (crafting out loud).

I participated in Happily Handmade Giveaways and become a sponsor. Hopefully it would create a nice traffic and exposure to my store. I'm very excited about this -- first time for me to join! O yeah, yesterday I got a pretty good deal order (YAY!) from my mail order catalgoue I sent out. Haivng said that, my goal this month: create an attractive mail order catalogue and promo postcards, prepare my tax report, post my new collections to the webstore and prepare some online blog ads I participated in (for easter theme collection)

Did I say EASTER??? mmmh....we haven't even celebrate Valentine's day just yet? time flies when you have so many things to achieve, feels like there is not enough time...until then folks!

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