Saturday, August 1, 2009

August is our Birthday Month!

Finally August is here! Gee, soon will be holiday season with the Halloween then the Thanksgiv......ok better not go there. Let's enjoy August for now, when the summer is hot and that it's our BIRTHDAY MONTH too...yay!!!!! This coming August 14th is our 3rd birthday (still small but we are growing) We're so excited and grateful for that wonderful three years of creating handmade cuteness to all of you.

Well as a small company with small of everything (tiny office, limited budget and staff), it's not all easy breezy journey to stand tall to this day. When we first started, we're simply nothing -- we were just another crafters popped up on the internet selling oh that kind of felt stuffies. It's not easy to create a niche to your business when many other bigger, more well-known profiles/companies offer similar things you do. Discouraging, underwhelming, that only our passion can conquer the doubts and we work hard to build our creative products to be different, high quality and to be deemed special by our audiences. Not only that our handmade collection are not mass-produced but we create and handcraft each of our collection from the heart and we listen to what our customers want. Simply stated, we take our creative job personal, not merely business.

Today, we are blessed to have quite many friends who love us, appreciate our work and find our handmade creations as special, extraordinary and truly one-of-kind. It's so rewarding to receive that many feedbacks and emails of how our products bring cheers and joy to their lives, that our heartfelt creations have carved many wonderful gift giving moments as well as brought fun and colors to their home. So so happy to know that and thank you for believing in us! On this day, well, we're still a small creative company we found 3 years ago, still owns that huge obsession of creating wonderful things -- but we're stronger, smarter to do our job better and eager to sew more hapiness for stitch at a time...

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